Booking Rates

Want Uel to shoot your event or do a studio shoot, book here. Must book whiten 2 weeks an advance. Last minute booking add $75.00 to booking fee if available.

Daytime Events

This is events that take place between noon and 7pm. $150.00 an hour, 2 hours minimum.  


Night Life

Events that take place between 8pm- 2am. Club or private party $175.00 an hour, 2 hours minimum.


Studio work

From head shots to dramatic lighting and outfit changes, with many backdrops to choose from (custom backdrops very in price)

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Paintography shoot

Paintography prices upon request. Project priced within 48 hours of request.


$400.00 an hour, 3 hours minimum.


Shoots on location

Price upon request within 48 hours.